Tuesday, December 5, 2023

"Culture of Greatness Through Art!" TILE MURAL November 6,8,9, December 14 South Warren High School, Warren County Ky

"Culture of Greatness Through Art!" Tile Mural at South Warren High School is a clay tile mural project that began with students in Mrs. Jada Roy's Art classes creating a clay tile that reflected something about them or their school life. The tiles ranged from Kentucky themed to school themed to a reflection of cultures. All students were able to complete a beautiful and meaningful tile. Several teacher aides and peer tutors were helpful to students who had special needs. Teachers and Administrators participating making tiles that were reflective of what they taught or thought important to the school. The students also had a turn to throw pottery on the pottery wheel under the instruction of Kim Soule, Roster Artist. All of the pottery was bisque fired by art teacher Jada Roy. Then Kim Soule returned for a glazing day! The tiles were then fired a second time to create stoneware. The final step will be to hang the finished mural in the school.

2023 Kentucky Exceptional Children's Conference Louisville Ky Nov. 20, 2023 "Chihuly"

Dala Sparks, Speech and Language Pathologist and Kim Soule, Roster Artist for Arts for All KY presented their recent Arts for All Inclusion Award, "Chihuly" at The 2023 Kentucky Exceptional Children's Conference in Louisville Ky on November 20, 2023. Participants were teachers from all over the state. Kim Soule showed them the google slide that was used at Shacklette Elementary to introduce the artist Dale Chihuly and then gave some initial instructions about the project of using recycled materials and plastic plates to create the look of glass. She also showed the teachers how to access the Arts for All Ky website and the Inclusion Art Award application. Dala Sparks then presented beautifully about the outcomes of the project with photos of the installations and data on the pre/post test, reflections, and surveys. As always when the teachers were actually creating they were brainstorming with each other as well as with the presenters on adaptations for special needs students, how to collect materials and possibilities of implementing this teaching at their own unique school and teaching situations. Hands on learning like this is so valuable for the teachers!


This ARTS FOR ALL SPECIAL INIATIVE PROJECT provided a Teacher training at the Kentucky Art Education Association State Conference in Northern KY at Thomas More University. The artist, Kim Soule was able to share how to apply for an Arts for All Kentucky Art Inclusion Award and highlight the ways the award benefits all students. The teachers involved were instructed through a google slide presentation about how to create a self portrait. They were given a piece of foam board and acrylic paint to complete the process. During the session teachers were sharing about their struggles and successes with teaching students with special needs and adaptations were shared by not only the teaching artist but also the participants! Whenever teachers have time together to create and reflect it allows them to take something back to their own students! Each teacher left with ideas, encouragement and a sample of teaching a self portrait unit.

"FUN FISHY PAINTINGS!" White's Tower Elementary Kenton county October 25, November 1, 2 2023

This ARTS FOR ALL KENTUCKY ART INCLUSION AWARD involved virtual and in person sessions with students. The artist was able to prepare and teach students virtually before arriving with the murals ready to paint in person. Since the location was almost 4 hours from the artist this hybrid teaching worked so great! The students each created their own drawing of a fish with shapes and designs and then watercolored the design with the artist in person and each student had a part in the painting of the fish murals. The art teacher, Shannon Chrisco was instrumental in guiding the students and picking out some of the outstanding designs to be recreated in black lines on a mural by the artist. The artist was able to work with all of Mrs. Chrisco's students in an inclusion setting class. Students were assissted by classroom aides and peer tutors as needed. The students created and learned about the media of Watercolor and acrylic paint. It was definitely a fun fishy adventure at White's Tower Elementary!