Monday, May 10, 2021

Well Hello there Creative Fishy's at Johnson Middle School! Side by Side

Students at Johnson traditional Middle School were awarded an ARTS FOR ALL KENTUCKY ART AWARD! The title of the project is "Well Hello There Creative Fishy's at Johnson Middle School!".The artist Kim Soule (me!) offered a virtual experience to the students. The students first watch a youtube video by Kim Soule titled "Here Fishy, Fishy!" The students follow along creating a drawing of a fish on a 6x18 piece of paper. Then they add lines and shapes and trace over pencil lines with a black sharpie. After the fish was completly drawn the students met with the artist via zoom. Dala Sparks, speech teacher, led the student groups as they created a met with the artist. Other teachers at Johnson also collaborated on this project. The students were excited as they water colored their fish projects and wanted to go to the screen and share with the artist! Such a fun project!
Day 2 we were able to meet again with more students for more Fishy watercolors!!
The artist, Kim Soule used the students artwork to inspire 4 large 2x4 murals that can be painted in by the students and displayed at the school!

Kentucky Museum 12x12 Side by Side - Picasso Faces

Picasso Faces is a virtual project presented by the Kentucky Museum. It featured the students participating in a virtual experience with the artist Kim Soule and creating a Picasso faces in the style of the artist Picasso. The student work was shared with a collaborating artist who created on a 12x12 canvas a work inspired by the student work!

Kentucky Museum Side By Side - Here Fishy, Fishy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


SPREADING JOY AT JOHNSON! Is the title of an Arts for All art inclusion art award for Johnson Traditional Middle School. The first day included time with an art class of 32 8th grade students and then the rest of the day was spent with discovery students in their classroom. The students enjoyed this project of creating self portraits using acrylic paint. We began with an oval for the face and mixing our very own skin colors using 4, yellow, brown, and white. We also chose a background color and a shirt color. One of my great joys was working alongside my daughter, Dala Sparks, Speech Therapist. It was so wonderful to meet and teach her students!
Aides are so helpful to students who cannot grip a pencil or brush. These students were given the opportunity to create and paint today through Arts for All Kentucky!
Sometimes you just need a little help from an Artist!!!
The mural on the 3 doors was a student and artist collaboration. I think it turned out so cute! Three very whimsical animals! The students in the class responded to the mural in a sweet inquisitive way.
Working with Ms. Wempe's 8th grade art class was a wonderful part of this award. The class was inclusive of students with disabilities and all levels of learning. The students loved receiving the large 24x24 boards to paint on and they jumped right in to mixing skin tones and understanding that we all have some of the same tones mixed in varying amounts of color. We painted for 3 days to achieve completion. Some students needed extra time and Ms. Wempe agreed to allow them to paint some after our sessions. The finished projects will be displayed around the school. On the last day some students went outside with Mrs. Soule to spray paint their backgrounds. Ms. Wempe had to paint one too!
This is the display in the Library....I love the self portraits!
I was so Inspired I decided to create one too!